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Nice to meet you!

2020... the year we will all remember for the rest of our lives.  A global pandemic hit and quarantine left me missing my regular social gatherings with friends and family. What to do with the extra free time?


I have had the privilege to grow up in a big Italian family where fresh ingredients and beautiful food always filled our gatherings. The matriarch of our family, my Grandma Rose, is at the center of my inspiration for starting this business.  When we canceled her birthday party due to the pandemic, I decided to make small "to-go" plates of charcuterie to deliver to my Mom and Grandma as an alternative to our original plans. This inspired my idea to create Charcuterie by Annalise.  My own small business using seasonal and organic products, my creative eye, and of course, my love for cheese. This business started as a side hobby and quickly flourished into my full time job and passion. 

I have always enjoyed hosting.  Any and all types of gatherings and parties.  Bringing people together is pure joy for me.  Good food, tasty drinks, and inspiring conversations make the best memories.  

I hope to share my beautiful ready to eat charcuterie spreads with all of you in hopes you will create your own wonderful memories for your next occasion. 

Annalise Johnson

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4 Fun Facts About Me

I have traveled to over 27 countries around the world

I listen to true crime podcasts each week

Nature is healing and hiking brings me joy

I'm a huge Mariners Baseball fan  (even when they suck)

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